Careers – Registered Nurse (RPN)

Registered Nurse

Shifts: Monday to Sunday
Night: 10 pm to 6 am

No heavy lifting involved; however, due to Epilepsy and seizures, the safety of the client and of the caregiver is important. You will be required to demonstrate safe handling procedures.

30 year old person with cognitive impairment and seizure disorder. Non aggressive and no behavioural issues. Partially independent in activities of daily living. Single client only.

Private home, located at Nipigon Ave, M2M North York in Toronto

Based upon your performance with this client.
RPN: $25 to $28
This is a permanent part-time/ full time position.

Duties (day/evening time):

  • Assistance in personal hygiene
  • Assistance with cognitive activities such as puzzles, painting, reading books etc.
  • Physical activities includes supervision while he is walking on treadmill, floor exercises etc.
  • Social activities such as going to mall, zoo etc.

Job is with Neurohealth Rehab clinic. The work is considered as Nursing hours.
Training will be provided to the selected candidate(s).

Apply through email to

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